5 Trips You Can Take Tonight From Delhi

The long weekend is here and you stilllll have no plans ? Here is a list of five trips you can book right now to make your long weekend more memorable.

1. Jasisalmer

Warm balmy sunshine, a dose of history, majestic forts, good music, great food and an awesome Road Trip ! these are some of the things that the Jaisalmer trip is made of . A perfect break if you are craving for some sunshine.
Departure : 9 PM from Gurgaon
Cost : 6999 Per Person
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2. Kasol & Tosh

Kasol needs no introduction, this happening Himalayan town can always make you smile. With a collection of amazing cafes serving lip smackin’ food along with an unmatched vibe is sure to make your weekend memorable. And there is always the snow clad trek to Tosh for adventure lovers.
Departure : 9 PM from New Delhi
Cost : 9000 Per Person

3. Jibhi in Tirthan Valley

This quaint Himalayan hamlet is a hidden gem, a paradise if you prefer peace. Tucked away in the vicinity of the Great Himalayan National Park you will be able to witness some of the exotic and rare species of birds and flora. And the cherry on the top is the chance of snowfall over this weekend 🙂
Departure : 9 PM from New Delhi
Cost : 9000 Per Person

4. McLeod Ganj & Triund

The mighty Dhauladhars & the locals of McLeod are sure to make you happy with cozy with their presence. Hike up to the snow clad Shiva cafe for a hot plate of Maggie or walk to Dharamkot for some live reggae music. If you need happiness this is it !
Departure : 9 PM from New Delhi
Cost : 9000 Per Person

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