What is the Tripver flash sale ?
This is a two hour invite-only sale where you can book kickass trips to Leh Ladakh & Spiti at just 9999 ! 😍 and if this was not enough you need to pay only 2000 to reserve …and there is much more, to book during this Flash Sale you must register below for a free invite.


Pay Just ₹2000 to book a Leh or Spiti trip 🥳


Edit or Change your booking anytime 😍


Get Free Merchandise with every trip 😎

Get A Free Invite Code & Details

STEP1 Register below . STEP2 Get Details on Mail. STEP3 Get FCode & book on 6th March

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F-Code is your Tripver Flash Sale activation code, it will be sent to your e-mail and mobile number before the sale. You can use this code/link to activate the sale and book the trip at the special limited edition prices. You will receive the FCode & activation link only if you have registered above. Registration is free.
NOTE Registration closing soon 😮 limited invites remaining


Advantages you will have ONLY during the 2 hours of the Tripver Flash Sale


Lowest Ever Price Advantage

Pay over 75% less for the same itinerary ! When you book during the sale you pay ₹ 9999 for the Leh-Ladakh trip and Spiti trip

Easy Payments Tripver

Super Payments Advantage

You don’t need to pay the full amount now, pay just ₹ 2000 during the Flash Sale and rest later or pick the PayLater option to pay after the trip !


Fully Flexible Booking

If you book during the Flash Sale you can shift your dates, change your trip type or make any other changes to your booking before your trip !


Free Merchandise

You get free exclusive branded Merchandise & exiting gifts only when you book during the Flash Sale !


Call 7652-84-84-84 to talk to a human 😁


FAQ’s & all you need to know

Seats Available


In The Flash Sale


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Book Before / After The Flash Sale ?

No, you can-not book before the flash sale, to avail the Flash Sale prices you have to book only during the designated 2 hours.

You can book the same trip after the flash sale is over, but the prices will be much higher, in some cases will increase by 20,000.

What Is My F-Code ?

F-Code is your Tripver Flash Sale activation code, it will be sent to your e-mail and mobile number before the sale. You can use this code/link to activate the sale and book the trip at the special prices by paying 2000 rupees. You will receive this link only if you have registered for the flash sale. Only 20,000 F Codes will be issued as the number of seats on the Flash Sale are limited.

NOTE : It has come to our notice that certain malicious individuals are selling Tripver FCodes to unsuspecting travelers in exchange of money. FCode registration is free of cost, and intended to be used by registered members, their friends and family ONLY. To ensure FCodes are not misused, all registered members will receive new FCodes 1 hour before the sale.

Can I Change / Modify My Trip Later ?

Yes ! if you book during the flash sale you automatically get the Flexi Booking advantage for free ! This means you can change the following :
1. Name of the person travelling
2. Date of the trip
3. Switch the itinerary of your trip
4. Switch the destination between Leh Ladakh & Spiti

Changes have to informed minimum 20 days before the departure, a nominal fee of  ₹ 599 will apply per modification.

As per the Terms and Conditons, Tripver reserves the right to reject modifications to anyone who does not adhere to community ethics, falsifies communication, uses abusive behaviour with the Tripver Family and threatens to use or has used communication (including but not limited social media / public review platforms) to defame or undermine Tripver.
All Above terms & conditions are absolute.

What All Is Included ?

All trips will have all the inclusions & exclusions clearly mentioned on the booking page at the time of the booking, since it will be different for each & every trip. However to give you a fair idea, all trips include transport from the trip itinerary starting point, all accommodation, all tours, major meals, Tripver Support, Trip Captains, Driver Allowances & a lot more.

If you are planning your budget, take an expense of about 300-500 additional per day for overhead & additional expenses.

When Do I Pay The balance Amount ?

If you have paid ₹2000 during the flash sale, you have to pay the balance amount only 20 days before the trip. The balance can be paid directly via bank transfer or UPI. Additionally, if you have paid for the trip using our special arrangement with certain banks for TravelNow PayLater (Instant EMI) your card issuing bank will automatically deduct the amount for the chosen period (currently available from 3 months to 24 months)

Can I See Accommodation Pictures ?

Yes for sure ! accommodation pictures are displayed on the booking page of the relevant trip.

If you you would like to see the pictures before you book you can simply message on the chatbox on this page, DM us on Instagram with the trip you are interested in and we will send you the pictures instantly !

All our accommodations including Tents are quality audited by Tripver™. Even our transit tents have attached washrooms. We never compromise on quality and hygiene standards.

Can I Travel Solo ?

Yes ! you can, and in-fact this is the most common question.

Friends are the biggest reason for cancelled travel plans, so we have made all our trips solo traveler friendly ! because we believe if you want to explore a destination there should be nothing stopping you. This philosophy is the reason why we are one of the most preferred platforms by a large majority of solo women travelers.

How Do I ask Questions ?

Tripver’s is known for it’s amazing support, we are probably the only large travel platform where you can call 24 Hours and talk to a human. We also provide support on our official Instagram page. Therefore if you have any questions please call us on 7652-84-84-84 or DM us on insta

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Tripver Is Certified & Recognized By Official Tourism Boards of More Than 30 Countries Across The World.

Tripver™ Is Certified & Recognized By Official Tourism Boards of More Than 30 Countries Across The World.

For customized options across 200+ destinations & 25+ countries call 7652-84-84-84 (24 Hours)
It Can’t Get Better Than This !

Flash Sale Starts at 1 PM on 2nd of April 2023 Only for 2 Hours

If you have already resisted for the Flash Sale you can sit back and relax, if you have not yet registered for the Sale you can register for free below.

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