Witness playing an interesting genre of Holi colloquially called ‘kapda faad Holi’, The One & Only Brahma Temple & the  sacred Pushkar Lake.All this and more with a bunch of fun seeking people,just like yourself .

We are Tripver, We Know Pushkar

Standing true to our founding philosophy is Everyone Deserves to Travel our trip curators have spent hundreds of hours, travelled thousands of kilometres, conversed with locals & documented countless experiences to curate this perfect itinerary at prices that no one else can match. If you still feel something is missing contact us, we will he happy to help


Join us, as we embark towards “Tirth Raj”. Witness the vividness and charm of one of the oldest existing cities of our country, known to be a masterpiece of the Creator, Lord Brahma himself. What’s more is you can do it all whilst Immersing yourself during the World Famous “Kapda Faad Holi” festivities.

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