The Battle at Laungewala (Subject of the movie Border) is known as one of the most glorious battles in modern history. The sands of Laungewala witnessed 120 brave Indian foot soldiers equipped with just 1 Jeep win a battle against 2000 Pakistani soldiers equipped with 45 modern tanks & more than 150 other vehicles .
To relive India’s glory, this february long weekend we will be travelling to this very battlefield (you heard it right) where destroyed enemy tanks and vehicles witness to the fury and determination of India are still scattered in the sand. Come with us for a unique and never before experience with Tripver.

Two Intricately Crafted Itineraries

An experience trip curated to perfection by India’s finest trip curators to make sure you witness & experience the best of India, always.

The Tripver Bus

This one is for the traveller in you who wants to wander seeking new paths and explore unchartered territories with like-minded travellers from across the country on an epic fuss-free road trip.

Self Drive / Bike

Did you buy your kickass ride to just drive in traffic ? Unleash the true potential of your machine of the flawless roads of Rajasthan with India’s finest Trip Curators.

Real Photos Of Locations Covered

All photos below are clicked by our team on a smartphone camera.You get what you see.

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